November 7,2007
BradMichael It’s doing that thing again where it gets dark and gloomy really early Daylight savings time has ended

SAMETIME 7:15 was a collaborative project begun in late December 2006 with my former student Brad Walker. Each of us took a photograph (he in Baltimore, Maryland, me in Richmond, Virginia) at exactly 7:15 PM for an entire year. The photographs, along with accompanying short texts were uploaded twice weekly to the website The images and texts ranged from quick snapshots with simple captions, to elaborately executed images with whimsical, and on occasion poetic text.

The project arose from our wanting to collaborate despite living in different cities.SAMETIME 7:15 explored issues of commitment, repetition, the workaday, the quotidian, the routine, and the desire to employ art making as a bridge to geographical distance and as a vehicle for friendship.

The work is archived here.