August 27,2008
Michael - Grace Street, Richmond (dinner with Kim and Brigette at Ipanema)

Originally, SAMETIME 7:15 was to last only a year, but at the end of 2007 Brad and I wanted to continue the project so we invited four others to join us. The 2008 participants were: Kate MacDonnell, an artist and yoga teacher from Washington, DC; Bryan Martin, a musician in the band Page France; Soung Wiser, a DC-based graphic designer and teacher; and Jesse Sommerlatt, a Rochester Institute of Technology alumnus and train hopper. For an entire year each of us took a photograph in our respective cities at exactly 7:15pm.

On December 31, 2008 a story about the culmination of the project was featured on NPR’s Morning Edition. The story, along with an audio slide show is archived on NPR's website.

The work is archived here.