I began collecting images for You're Invited shortly after having found a Kodachrome slide showing the back of a man as he blew out birthday candles. I was thrilled by the funny confluence of elements-the yellow curtains, the man's blue shirt, the boxy, old refrigerator, and a woman's hand breaking into the edge of the frame holding a glass of water. All of this came together to create a vernacular Garry Winogrand, or one of Henri Cartier-Bresson's decisive moments. Finding this slide also made plain the ubiquity of this type of image. I was curious to see how similar other pictures (of this type) were to this thrift store gem.


Polly Flint, Emily 4/3/83

Carey Walker, Brad 1/31/86

Marilyn Shea, Dan 3/25/86

Jean DeWitt, Ed 6/17/85

Sherrie Noonan, Jenny 3/26/85

Jody Lacey, Kate 6/19/76

Dana Graves, Langdon 8/21/85

Sandy Shelar, Todd 10/17/82

Carolyn Wolfe, Kim 4/17/88

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